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Your comprehensive, all-in-one solution for seamlessly creating, managing, and participating in a wide range of fitness events, whether they take place online or in the physical world.

Easy payments & payouts

All transactions are managed within the platform, from flexible participant registration fees to hassle-free payouts.

Advanced judging & scoring

Enjoy limitless judges, athlete or judge-based scoring, photo/video uploads, automatic tie-breaking, and multiple scoring formats.

Individual & team divisions

Customize teammate counts, set distinct prices, implement entry caps, add password protection, and unlock the thrill of awarding prizes.

Customizable workout entry

Explore a variety of scoring choices, establish movement standards, upload demo videos, and embrace adaptable formatting options.

Seamless video integration

Elevate your event with easy video uploads, perfect for judging, scorekeeping, and sharing memorable moments with participants and fans.

Robust data collection

Incorporate optional or required fields such as text, select, multi-select, and virtual document signing options on sign-up.

Empower your event


Your ultimate hub for building and nurturing a vibrant fitness community. Whether you're a dedicated personal trainer looking to expand your reach or a passionate fitness enthusiast seeking to connect with like-minded individuals, Channels offers an inclusive, all-encompassing platform.

Monetize your expertise

Turn your passion into profit by offering exclusive content and optionally charging a fee for access to the knowledge you share.

Stay engaged

Actively engage through posts/programming and seamlessly message channel members, ensuring timely notifications.

Build a thriving community

Foster a strong health and fitness community where members can interact, engage, and support both you and each other.

Flexible configuration

Create unlimited features incorporating feeds, messaging, programming, event lists, channel lists, and scheduling, all within your personalized fitness hub.

Schedule sign-ups

Seamlessly create classes and tailor personalized 1:1 sessions within your channel, allowing users to easily sign-up and claim their spot.

Payments & data collection

Just like with events, channels provide all the same payment/payout benefits and robust data collection methods upon sign-up.

Shape your fitness community

“Pro Fit provides a seamless mobile application experience across iOS, Android, and the web to bring you closer to your fitness family.”

Where every workout is a competition.
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