1. What is ProFit?

ProFit is an online sports and fitness community for creating and competing in virtual competitions and socially engaging with athletes and brands from anywhere in the world.

2. How old do you have to be to use ProFit?

Athletes of any age can create a ProFit account and take advantage of all the features ProFit has to offer; however, you must be seventeen (17) years or older to add a bank account and receive any cash payouts directly to your account.

3. What is the difference between an Open and Closed Competition?

An Open Competition is available for anyone on ProFit to enter and submit a score. A Closed Competition is invite only where anyone can be the creator and invite their friends/connections to be participants.

4. How do I join a Competition?

Open competitions can be browsed and joined from the Open Competition page. You will get an invite sent to you directly for any Closed Competition invites. You can also create your own Open or Closed Competition from the Create page.

5. Can other Athletes see my score / entry when I submit one?

Without "Live Scoring" set for the competition, other athletes will be able to see that you've joined a Competition, but only you can see your score submission until the Competition has ended. At that time, no other scores can be submitted. If Live Scoring is set to be on, other athletes will see your score as soon as it's been submitted.

6. What does locking my score do and how do I do it?

Athletes can lock their score on the page of any Competition they're currently competing in once their score has been submitted. If all participating athletes lock their scores, and no other athletes are pending entry, the competition will immediately end making it ready to be judged.

7. Are there different / scaled divisions?

Multiple divisions can be created for any Open Competition. Any athlete can also create a Closed Competition and invite only the athletes they wish to participate to mimic a desired division.

8. Do I have to show my winnings in the Leaderboard?

Your total winnings for both Open and Closed Competitions will always appear in the Leaderboard, but you can choose to remove your identity and become "Anonymous" in your Settings if you feel uncomfortable displaying such information.

9. Is ProFit gambling?

ProFit and its Services are not gambling and in no way endorse any forms of gambling. Cash Competitions have entry fees that pertain only to the athlete competing and no amount of money can be wagered on another athlete. Entry fees are viewed as service fees for the platform and cash prizes are offered for participation and services rendered.

10. Does ProFit require a bank account to participate?

Bank account information is only needed for transferring funds directly to and from the platform without a fee. Other third parties like PayPal can also be used.

11. Does ProFit require an SSN OR EIN to participate?

ProFit does not require a social security number or an employer identification number from any athlete or affiliate unless their net profit for a given year exceeds $600. ProFit will at that time request the entry of the user's Taxpayer Identification to transfer funds.

12. What is the "pending" balance in my Profile?

ProFit must approve monetary transfers before they are available for use. Your pending balance (shown in parentheses on your Profile page if one exists) consists of bank transfers, payouts, and credits applied to your account that are still being approved. The approval process may take up to a few business days to complete.

13. What is the "processing fee" for and how can I avoid it?

ProFit charges a small processing fee for monetary transactions that your balance does not cover. If a bank account is used, it is a set amount and not dependent on the amount of the transaction. You can avoid bank account processing fees altogether by transferring money into your account balance first; however, it is important to note that the approval process may take up to a few business days. Any third party processing (i.e. credit cards) are subject to additional processing fees that may be dependent on the amount being charged.

14. I am a gym, team, or business owner, how do I create an Affiliate account and/or create an Open Competition of my own?

Please reach out to us by submitting the contact form for affiliates on our homepage. We verify each and every affiliate. You can still create both Open and Closed competitions using an athlete account that does not require verification, but if you wish to create affiliate vs. affiliate challenges you will need an Affiliate account.

15. What is an Affiliate vs Affiliate Competition and how do they work?

Affiliates can create Closed Competitions and invite other affiliates to compete. Any athlete member of an invited affiliate is now able to join the created Competition. If an entry fee is set, the Athlete will pay the entry fee; however, the affiliate will receive any prize payouts. The affiliate then has the freedom to reward any and all of their participating athletes however they see fit.

16. How do athletes represent themselves as an affiliate member?

Athletes can set their affiliate in their Profile. The athlete will be counted as a member of an affiliate based on the affiliate they have set at the time of joining a Competition.

17. Where do affiliates add their address?

Gyms, teams, and businesses can add their address just like other users on the Account page.

18. Who does ProFit's photography and creative work?

ProFit does its artistic collaboration with Ynot Digital Photography - Antonio Pandolfo.