FGL Online Testing

4 Rope Climbs

4 rope climbs for time to 15' target. Floor, target, and running clock (or clock app) must be visible in the frame. We will verify test winner rope height in an undisclosed manner that WILL be accurate.

10 Hang Clean

10 Hang cleans 205 lb men/120 lb women For time Video view must be at an angle where it is possible to see the elbows come past the frontal plane of the bar. Running clock or clock app must also be visible, and weights must be verified in the continuous clip.

20 Chest to Bar Pullups

20 Chest to Bar Pullups for time. Video must include clear line of sight to chest contact with bar and timer or timer app.

Triad Metcon

15 Burpee Box Overs (30"/24") 15 Toes to Bar 15 Snatch (135/95) For time. Make sure the floor on both sides of box, pull-up bar, barbell and running clock (or clock app) are visible in video frame. Confirm barbell weights and proper box configuration in the same cut of video.

2 Rep Max Clean & Jerk

20 second time cap Player must begin in prone position (chest to floor) until time begins.

Triad Metcon (Bodyweight biased)

8 bar muscle ups 16 pistols 32 double unders For time

10 Dumbbell Burpee Over Box

10 DB burpee over box (50/35 each hand 24/20 box height) For time

Workout 8

Releases Thursday, March 28th

Workout 9

Releases Saturday, March 30th

Workout 10

Releases Monday, April 1st


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