American Grid Trials - 2024

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American Grid Trials
The American Grid Trials is an online competition and combine that is the best way to get signed by a team for the 2024 Season and win some cash along the way. ➡️ A series of 12 skills tests that take less than 4 min each. ➡️ Each test has a different skill set focus (Strength, Bodyweight, Utility). ➡️ Only perform the tests YOU choose, from anywhere in the world. ➡️ Results are entered online via the Pr.Fit app and each test will have a cash prize pot. ➡️ Grid League teams will use the results to recruit for their teams in the next season.


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MAX HSPU in 30 Second Cap The final rep must be completed before the 30 seconds is over. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE VIDEO ANGLE ALLOWS TO SEE THE BUTT OFF THE WALL AT THE TOP. IF WE CANNOT CLEARLY SEE THE BUTT IS OFF THE WALL AND ALL OTHER STANDARDS, WE CAN NOT COUNT THE VIDEO. Two lines perpendicular to the wall 36" apart must be indicated (verified on film in continuous frame) Palms may not overlap these lines during the rep. (fingers may, but not palms) Movement begins at the top of the HSPU and the elbows may not bend prior to time starting. At the top ONLY the heels may be touching the wall (no butt). At the top, the shoulders must end up at least partially behind finger tips at full extension. REVIEW FULL MOVEMENT STANDARDS BELOW


3 Overhead Squat 1 Clean 3 Overhead Squat 205/135lb For time The barbell starts on the floor and time starts when it it touched. The first rep may come from the ground directly into squat snatch (but is not required) PLEASE ENSURE VISIBILITY OF ELBOWS BREAKING THE PLANE OF THE BAR ON THE CLEAN, DEPTH IN THE SQUAT, AND FULL EXTENSION. IF THE ANGLE OF THE VIDEO DOES NOT CLEARLY SHOW ALL STANDARDS, WE CAN NOT COUNT IT. REVIEW FULL MOVEMENT STANDARDS BELOW


Male score = X1 Female score = X1.25 If you are male entering your score, verify the height distance in inches in your video and enter it as your score. If you are female entering your score, verify the height distance in your video, times that number by 1.25, and the resulting number is your score. Begin with two feet on the ground and jump to establish control on top of the box or solid structure (Solid enough to ensure safety. May be padded). Height must clearly be measured in one continuous frame. No requirement to remain static before the jump.


25 TOES TO BAR For time Make sure both primary standards are clearly visible in the video ensuring it is possible to tell the heels break the vertical plane of the pullup bar. THIS MEANS THE VIEW MUST BE AT LEAST PARTIALLY ANGLED. IF IT IS NOT EVIDENT YOUR HEELS PASSED BEHIND THE VERTICAL, OR YOUR TOES TOUCH THE BAR BETWEEN THE HANDS, WE CANNOT ACCEPT IT. REVIEW FULL MOVEMENT STANDARDS BELOW


8 bar facing burpee 16 deadlift 325/200lb For Time No bouncing is allowed. Arms slightly bent is ok, but any intentional acceleration of the bar on the way down will result in a penalty. Bar-facing burpee must have a VISIBLE line on the floor that has one foot on either side of it while the chest is in contact. WE MUST BE ABLE TO SEE ONE FOOT ON EITHER SIDE OF THE LINE OR WE CANNOT COUNT IT. Must be able to view chest contact and deadlift standards (shoulder behind bar at extension) in video submission. REVIEW FULL MOVEMENT STANDARDS BELOW


40 Second Cap Pick one weight (lbs) with the highest point value you can achieve in under 40 seconds: 275/185 = 4pts 250/170 = 3pts 225/150 = 2pts 200/135 = 1pt (weight in pounds) YOUR SCORE WILL BE 1, 2, 3 OR 4 POINTS DEPENDING ON WHICH WEIGHT YOU LIFT. The highest point value wins. If multiple players pick the same point value, the time to complete the lifts is the tiebreaker. Use the highest weight you can perform in under 40 seconds. Please ensure the camera angle allows a proper view of hips and knees opening at the top of the lift while weight is locked out overhead. REVIEW FULL MOVEMENT STANDARDS BELOW


For Time Chest contact with the ground is defined as between and around nipple region. Rep is complete when player's feet hit the ground (feet must touch first) REVIEW FULL MOVEMENT STANDARDS BELOW


10 Bar muscle ups 20 Ground to overhead 135/90lb For time. Please be sure: - Camera angle allows for visual confirmation of athlete forehead breaking vertical plane of the pullup bar at the top extension of the BMU - Clear visualization of elbows, hips, and knees locking out at the top of the GTO. REVIEW FULL MOVEMENT STANDARDS BELOW


Achieve as many reps as possible in 20 second time cap 205/135lb The barbell may not be touched until time begins. The final rep must be completed before the 20 seconds is over. Make sure hip depth and lockout at the top is clearly visible in the video. No knee re-bend during the thruster is allowed. (no jerksters) REVIEW FULL MOVEMENT STANDARDS BELOW


Viewing camera angle must include clear visibility to: Chest contact Toe Contact Arm extension above the pull-up bar with forehead CLEARLY breaking the plane of the pull-up bar. REVIEW FULL MOVEMENT STANDARDS BELOW


16 tall box jump overs 36/30" 8 clean and jerks 225/150lb Player may use bumper plates to achieve additional height on the box. Height must be verified by tape measure on video. *Please ensure the stability of the box before performing jumps. *Please make sure camera angle allows visibility to hips and knees locking out BEFORE the barbell begins its descent AKA while arms are locked out and weight overhead. REVIEW FULL MOVEMENT STANDARDS BELOW


1 Deadlift (455/285lb) 2 Med Ball Ring Muscle Ups (20/14lb) 3 Double Dumbbell Squat Clean + OH Squat Complex (70/50lb) 4 Free Standing Handstand Push Ups Medball must be supported by the legs anyhow during the muscle up. The free standing hand stand pushups start in a tripod with the head on the ground and end with arm extended, supporting bodyweight, with hips stacked over shoulders. REVIEW FULL MOVEMENT STANDARDS BELOW

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